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Featured Products

Buy Jiva Ayurveda Amla Tablets Online

Jiva Ayurveda Amla Tablets 120 tablets

Jiva Ayurveda Amla Tablets: Jiva Amla Tablet has Indian gooseberry (Amla) as the main ingredient. Amla is the king of herbs because of the whole range of vital Ayurveda properties it contains.

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Buy Jiva Ayurveda Amla Tablets tablets Online

Jiva Ayurveda Amla Tablets 60 tablets

Jiva Amla Tablets: Jiva Amla Tablets are the best source of several vitamins and minerals.It helps fight viruses and diseases naturally.

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Buy Jiva Ayurveda Arjuna Tablets Online

Jiva Ayurveda Arjuna Tablets 120 tablets

Arjuna Tablets: Strengthens heart muscles.Controls hypertension

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Buy Jiva Ayurveda Arjuna Tablets Online

Jiva Ayurveda Arjuna Tablets 60 tablets

Arjuna Tablets:

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Buy Jiva Ayurveda Ashwagandha Tablets Online

Jiva Ayurveda Ashwagandha Tablets 120 tablets

Ashwagandha Tablets: Strengthens the nervous system.Helps to handle stress

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Latest Additions to Health and Nutrition

Ranbaxy Revital Men - Buy Online - SwasthyaShopee

Ranbaxy Revital-H Men Daily Capsules-Daily Nutrition

Revital Men Daily Health Capsule: Ranbaxy Revital Men is a daily health supplement capsule for men. It is a well-balanced combination of Ginseng, Vitamins and Minerals in appropriate concentrations formulated to prevent stress, fatigue and improve physical and mental performance and for overall health and vitality.

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Buy Nav Paurush Powder Online

Nav Paurush Powder 500gm-Acts on Digestive system

Nav paurush powder : Nav Paurush weight gain formula from Ambic Ayurved is an all-natural alternative to gain weight, build muscles and stay fit. It is 100% herbal in nature and therefore, can be taken by all.

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Shop Nav Paurush Capsules Online

Nav Paurush Capsules-Increases diet and weight

Nav Paurush Capsule is very effective to those who suffers feebleness, lean & thin physique despite good diet, have to do mental & physical labour for whole of the day.

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Buy  Online  Ratan Vatliftar Malt

Ratan Vatliftar Malt 400gms-For tiredness & weakness

Vatliftar Malt: Its made by appropriate combination of those special medicinal elements which are mentioned in Ayurveda's ancient scripts and boosts the strength and power of the body.

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Shop Ratan Vatliftar Capsules Online

Ratan Vatliftar Capsules-For Muscles,Swift,energetic and ...

Vatliftar Herbal Capsule: provides swiftness and energy to the body and regularize digestive system.

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Latest Additions to Personel Care

Hair Care,Dabur,Dabur Maha Bhringraj/mahabhringraj Hair Oil

Dabur Maha Bhringraj/mahabhringraj Hair Oil

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hail oil: Contains Bhringraj and other Ayurvedic Herbs which help in Hair Fall Control,Growth of Strong Hair from the roots,Dandruff Control,Darker Hair and Luxurious Hair

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Buy Sesa Hair Oil Online

Ban Labs Sesa Hair Oil

Sesa Hair Oil: Its uniquely designed with hair nourishing 18 herbs and 5 essential oils processed in Milk. The process is known as “Kshir Pak Vidhi”most Ancient Ayurvedic Process that makes hair Black, Shiny & Healthy.

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Shop Kesh Pari Capsules Online

Kesh Pari Capsules

Kesh Pari Capsules: Kesh Pari Capsules are 100% natural,thus do not harm hair or scalp.Made with the finest ingredients,Kesh Pari Capsules make hair healthy, shiny, long, strong and bulky

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Shop Kesh Pari Hair Oil

Kesh Pari Hair Oil 120ml

Kesh Pari Hair Oil: which is a popular Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Made with the finest ingredients, Kesh Pari Hair Oil makes hair healthy, shiny, long, strong and bulky.

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Hair Care,Indian Brand,Kesh Pari Shampoo

Kesh Pari Shampoo

Kesh Pari Herbal Shampoo: Its the Nutritional Therapy with pure extract of aloe vera, Natural Vitamin E, Glycerin etc for Strong and Shiny Hair.KESH Pari shampoo is gentle enough

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Latest Additions to Health Problems

Buy Add Veda add-energy  Best Price In India Swasthyashopee.com

Add Veda ADD ENERGY 60 Capsule

Add Veda ADD ENERGY 60 Capsule-  ADD ENERGY capsules naturally nourishes your body with lots of essential vitamins,

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Nutrition,Add Veda,ADD GROWTH


ADD GROWTH-   For Height, Weight and Muscle growth

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Nutrition,Add Veda,ADD GOLD


ADD GOLD For anti ageing, wellness and immunity

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Buy Add Veda add-energy best price

Add Immune

Add Immune: Want to increase your immunity and keep your energy levels high at all times? We bring to you Add Immune,a rejuvenating blend of herbs formulated to boost your immunity and support your overall health.

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Nutrition,Add Veda,JOY


 ADD VEDA JOY presents Add Joy, a dynamic blend of potent herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi and Tulsi formulated specifically to provide relief from sleeplessness, 

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