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Buy Online IME -9 Tablet

Kudos IME-9 Set of 3 bottles(180Tablet)

Kudos IME-9: Ayurvedic Supplements for Diabetic patients.Is a revolutionary breakthrough product developed by C.C.R.A.S.(Ministry of Ayush,Govt. of India).

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Kudos IME-9 60 tablet

Kudos IME-9 60 tablet: IME-9 is a Significantly effective Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes developed by C.C.R.A.S. (MINISTRY OF AYUSH GOVT. OF INDIA)

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Kudos v1 tablet online

Kudos V1 Tablet 60

Kudos V1 Tablet: Are complete Joint Care researched by ccras and CSIR-Neist for The First Time in the World,this technology has been transferred by Nrdc to Kudos Laboratories India.

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Buy online Kudos V1 tablet

Kudos V1 Tablets and ointment one month course

Kudos V1 Tablet and Ointment: Kudos V1 are complete Joint Care researched by CCRAS and CSIR - NEIST for The First Time in the World, this technology has been transferred by NRDC to KUDOS LABORATORIES INDIA

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kudos v1 tablet online

Kudos V1 30 Tablet

Kudos V1 Tablet: Are complete Joint Care researched by ccras and CSIR-Neist for The First Time in the World,this technology has been transferred by Nrdc to Kudos Laboratories India.

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Buy Kudos arjuteb powder online

Kudos Arjuteb Powder-complete cardiac care

Arjuteb Powder: Its helpful in heart diseases Like Angina pectoris,Cardiac Arrhythmias,Lack of blood circulation,Blockage of arteries, high B.P. & reoccurence of heart attack after bypass surgery.

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Shop Kudos Lipidos 60 Capsules online

Kudos Lipidos 60 Capsules-reduces cholesterol

Lipidos Capsules(60 Cap):-Blood thinner, reduces cholesterol and maintains lipid profile. A good anti-oxidant.

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Buy Online Kudos Flax Seed Capsules

Kudos Flax Seed/flaxseed(linseed) 60 Capsules-Blood Chole...

Kudos Flax Seed: Kudos Flax Seedare helpful for Heart,Brain and Eye sight.Highly beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels.

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Shop Kudos Sarpoteb Tablets online

Kudos Sarpoteb Tablets-Gives strength to heart

Sarpoteb Tablets- Hypertension (Mild, Moderate or Severe) whether it is arterial, Renal or neurogenic. • Gives strength to heart and reducing stress.

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Shop Kudos Diabos Gold 60 Capsules online

Kudos Diabos Gold 60 Capsules-Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus and it's complications.

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Buy Kudos Rheumatica Gold capsules online

Kudos Rheumatica Gold 30 Capsules

Rheumatica Gold: Arthritis, Fibrositis, Spondylitis, Sprains and Strains, Joints Pain, Low back pain, Prolapsed intervertebral Disc, Cervical and lumbar spondylosis.

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Shop Kudos Rheumatica Oil 50 ml online

Kudos Rheumatica Oil 50 ml

Effective for joints pain associated with rheumatism, Arthritis, Fibrositis, Lumbago, Sciatica, Cervical and Ankylosing Spondylitis, Stiff Neck, Frozen Shoulder, Backache, Muscular sprain and spasm.

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Buy Kudos Livose Capsules Online

Kudos Livose 60 Capsules-Helpful in Liver Diseases

Livose Capsules: Normalizes liver functions in jaundice, Hepatitis, Alcoholism. Prevents liver damage caused by Hepato-Toxic drugs. Highly effective in loss of appetite, indigestion, Heart Burn, Poor assimilation.

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Shop Kudos Gasona Churan online

Kudos Gasona Churan-Digestion problems

Gasona Churan:If your digestion is healthy, your body can produce healthy tissues. When digestion is weak (Due to faulty eating habits) your body become weaker. Gasona is a unique combination of 7 herbs that corrects your digestion and improves appetite as well as treats gas, i

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Shop Kudos Acidos 60 Capsules online

Kudos Acidos 60 Capsules-Digestion problems

Hyperacidity, heart burn, Colitis, Indigestion, Flatulence, Dyspepsia and Enzyme deficiency.

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Buy online kudos piles cure tablets

Kudos Piles Cure 60 Capsule

Kudos Piles Cure: Internal or External Piles, Prevents recurrence of piles after surgical removal. Also treats Fistula.

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Shop Kudos Eaze Plus Capsules online

Kudos Eaze Plus Capsules

Eaze Plus Capsules

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Buy Kudos Colostrum Capsules Online

Kudos Colostrum 60 Capsules

Kudos Colostrum Capsules: Builds Anti-Bodies and increases immunity power.

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Buy Kudos Spirulina Capsule online

Kudos Spirulina 60 Capsule

Kudos Spirulina capsule: Contains all the essential nutritional elements required for the human body, making it extremely high in nutrients & the most powerful food on earth. It purifies and strengthens the cells & vital fluids of the body

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Buy Kudos Height-Up Capsules online

Kudos Height-Up 60 Capsules

Kudos Height-Up Capsules: Height UP is a unique formulation of 5 rare herbs that helps in enhancing height and developing personality by providing all the nutrients required for growth, development and increasing height.

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Shop Kudos Total Health Protien Powder 500 gms onl

Kudos Total Health Protien Powder 500 gms

Health Rejuvenator & Energy booster for all age group. Helpful in chronic diseases & weakness of children & adults.

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Shop Kudos Noni 90 Capsule online

Kudos Noni 60 Capsule

It maintains the blood pressure and helps in hypertension. Promote the healthy cardio vascular system. Maintain the healthy blood sugar level. Relieves abdominal disorders, supports healthy digestive system.

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Shop Kudos Asthanil 60 Capsule online

Kudos Asthanil 60 Capsule

Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Whooping Cough, Breathlessness and chronic respiratory disorder.

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Buy Kudos Prosol Capsule online

Kudos Prosol 60 Capsule

Kudos Prosol Capsule: Prostatitis (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy), Burning and obstruction during Micturition.

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Buy Kudos Vanistone Tablet online

Kudos Vanistone 100 Tablet

Kudos Vanistone: Urinary Stones, Prevents recurrence after surgical removal of calculi, Dysuria, U.T.I., Local & Generalized Oedema.

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Shop Kudos Persona 60 Capsule online

Kudos Persona 60 Capsule

Dysmenorrhoea, General weakness, fatigue, backache, Balances hormones, promotes appetite, purifies the blood, tones up the skin. Builds strength and stamina and keeps women of all age groups healthy and active through out the month.

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Shop Kudos V1 30 Capsule online

Kudos V1 Forte 30Capsule

A great herbal combination for women which is helpful in Sterility, infertility, ovulatory disorders, frigidity, loss of libido, general weakness and debility.

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Shop Kudos Leucorid 60 Capsule online

Kudos Leucorid 60 Capsule

Non specific leucorrhoea, malaise & backache associated with leucorrhoea & pelvic inflammatory disease.

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Buy Kudos Curcumin Capsule Online

Kudos Curcumin 60 Capsule-Blood Purifier

Kudos Curcumin Capsule-Blood Purifier: Clinically trialled, high potency extract.Better absorption and bioavailability than standard Curcumin extracts.Temporary relief of arthritic pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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Shop Kudos Rudhirka Capsule online

Kudos Rudhirka Capsule 60 Purifies The Blood

Rudhirka Capsule:-Removes toxins and purifies the blood. Treats Acne-Pimples and other disorders of skin.

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Buy Kudos Black Gold Capsule online

Kudos Black Gold 30 Capsule

Black Gold: Prevents excessive falling of hair and premature greying,dandruff and itching of hair. Stimulates hair growth.

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Buy Online Kudos Neem+Clove Toothpaste

Kudos Neem + Clove Toothpaste 100 gms-Cleans Teeth & Fres...

Neem + Clove Toothpaste: Neem+Clove toothpaste contains Babool & other essential herbs made by modern technology.Tooth ache,Cavities,Pyorrhoea,Bleeding Gums,Gingivitis,Sensitive Teeth,bad breath,mouth ulcer.

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Buy Kudos Teerex Gel online

Kudos Teerex Gel 15 ml-Makes Teeth White & Shiny

Teerex Gel: Ayurvedic herbs has been successfully used since years for tooth care.Teerex teeth whitening gel contains rare ayurvedic herbs which strengthens teeth & gums and makes teeth white.

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Shop Kudos Ion Capsule

Kudos Ion 60 Capsule

Kudos Ion 90 Capsule: Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Anaemia Associated with Pregnancy, Lactation, Worm Infestation, Prolonged Illness, malnutrition, Under nourished children, etc.

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Buy Kudos Memory Sure Capsule online

Kudos Memory Sure 60 Capsule

Memory Sure Capsule: An ideal brain tonic for all ages. It improves memory.It reduces anxiety, stress & mental fatigue. Helpful in Parkinsons Disease and Alzheimers Syndrome

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Shop Kudos Alco Mukti Powder 150 gms online

Kudos Alco Mukti Powder 6gm*30sachet

Alco Mukti Powder 150 gms Helps quitting alcohol addiction. Helps corrects liver damage due to alcohol consumption. Reduces withdrawal symptoms. Helpful for hypertensive and diabetic patients.

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Shop Kudos Hand Sanitizer 50 ml online

Kudos Hand Sanitizer 60 ml

It has an antiseptic & anti-microbial property which is very useful against harmful micro-organisms. It keeps your hand clean without water and germ free.

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Shop Kudos Vitality Plus 30 Capsule online

Kudos Vitality Plus 30 Capsule

Vitality Plus Capsule is a general debility and impotency, improves physical fitness and mental alertness.

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Shop Kudos Ultimate Tilla 15 ml online

Kudos Ultimate Tilla 15 ml

improves blood circulation in penile muscle and builds strength and power. Increases length and size of penis.

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Shop Kudos Shilajit

Kudos Shilajit 60 Capsule

Kudos Shilajit: Shilajit Capsules are recommended as general tonic & for a wide range of common ailments including respiratory disorders, urinary problems, skin ailments, piles, anaemia, swelling, excess fat & digestive disorders like indigestion, constipation, worm infestation, Strengthens reproductive system, increases stamina

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Buy  Kudos Saphed Musli Capsule online

Kudos Saphed Musli 60 Capsule

Saphed Musli Capsule: Its known by mankind for thousands of years and is widely mentioned in Ayurveda and Unani medicines texts.It is an Aphrodisiac agent and revitalizer.

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Shop Kudos Aloe vera Capsule 500 mg online

Kudos Aloevera 60Capsule

Kudos Aloevera Capsule: Contains Saponin, which removes toxins.Reduces hypertension, high cholesterol and sugar level.Useful in gas, acidity, constipation, colitis & ul

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Juice,Kudos,Kudos Amla Ras

Kudos Amla Ras

Kudos Amla Ras: Treats premature hair fall & greying. Improves eye-sight and also helpful in skin diseases.Provides a natural vitammin C and increase immunity.

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Buy  Kudos Asthanil Syrup online

Kudos Asthanil Syrup

Astanil Syrup

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Buy Kudos Giloy Ras Super No-1 online

Kudos Giloy Ras Super No-1

Kudos Giloy Ras Super: Benefits of natural Giloy Ras these are suitable for clearing the

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Buy Kudos Karela Jamun Juice online

Kudos Karela Jamun Juice

Karela Jamun Juice: This juice is an effective cure.With potent constituents like lectins,charantin and momordicine,Karela juice helps reduce blood sug

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Buy Kudos Madhu Sudha Ras Super No-1 online

Kudos Madhu Sudha Ras Super No-1

Madhu Sudha ras: A valuable medicine for diabetes patients which helps them Leading healthy & energitic life.It reduces weight, acidity & gas formation.

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Shop Kudos Active Slim Tea online

Kudos Active Slim Tea

Kudos Active Slim Tea: Act like a natural magnet to attract fat, Stimulates the body's natural metabolism, Aids in the absorption of fat and in overall digestion, Inhibits bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol, Aids in the process of weight loss and weight management.

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