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Alarsin, Buy Alarsin products online in india

Alarsin Aluretic Tablets (100 Tab)

Alarsin Aluretic Tablets: Herbal Diuretic Medicine Improves function of Kidneys, Heart, Liver and Lungs. Regulates urine elimination & excretory functions.

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Alarsin,Alarsin,Alarsin Bangshil Tablets (100 Tab)

Alarsin Bangshil Tablets (100 Tab)

Alarsin Bangshil Tablets is used for Genito Urinary Tract Infections, Burning Micturition, Bladder Disturbances - Proprietary Medicine.

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Buy Alarsin Aloes Compound Tablets (100 Tab) Onlin

Alarsin Aloes Compound Tablets (100 Tab)

Female Infertility: When menstrual pattern and quantity of flow are normal: to induce normal ovulatory cycles & to improve fertility index, 2 tablets twice a day, starting from 1st day of m.c. to the 14th day of the cycle. To be repeated every cycle till wife misses the period and pregnancy is confirmed.

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Shop Alarsin Ayapon Tablets (100 Tab) Online

Alarsin Ayapon Tablets (100 Tab)

Alarsin Ayapon Tablets Restores normal uterine functions & rhythm of menstrual cycle. Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Metropathia haemorrhagica, Pubertal and Menopausal.

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