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Shop Dhootapapeshwar Kamadugha with Mouktik online

Dhootapapeshwar Kamadugha with Mouktik

Kamadugha: The best combination of Mouktik Bhasma alongwith ingredients of Kamdugha is more powerful Sheetal, Pittashamak, Mastishkashamak.It alleviates irritation.Also very effective Ojovardhak, Deepan, Pachan, Balya & Hrudya.

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Dhootapapeshwar Limited,Dhootpapeshwar,Dhootapapeshwar Triphala Guggul

Dhootapapeshwar Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul: Most effective due to Triphala Vishesh Shodhit Guggul.Triphala which has Lekhan property,eradicates vitiated Kleda,Meda.

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Buy Dhootapapeshwar Saptamrut Loha online

Dhootapapeshwar Saptamrut Loha

Saptamrut Loha: Saptamrit Lauh is an Ayurvedic medicin

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Shop Dhootapapeshwar Shankhvati online

Dhootapapeshwar Shankhvati

Shankha Vati: Its a tablet, used in Ayurvedic treatment of gastric conditions,dyspepsia, anorexia.It contains heavy metal ingredients and hence should only be used under strict medical supervision.

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