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Dindayal Products

Dindayal Rheumadin Capsule

Dindayal Rheumadin Capsule

Rheumadin Capsule Capsule remedy for joint pains

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Dindayal Triguni Plus let film coated

Dindayal Triguni Plus Tablet film coated

Triguni Plus Tablet: It is indicated in Ayurvedic treatment of viral fever, influenza, common cold, seasonal fever.

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Dindayal Shilajit Power Cap & 33 Cap  cap Combo

Dindayal Shilajit Power Cap & 303 Cap 10 cap Combo

Shilajit Power Cap & 303 Cap: Boosts stamina, energy in cases of general weakness, decreased energy and vigor.

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Dindayal Femicare lets

Dindayal Femicare Tablets 30 tab

Femicare Tablets A safe and effective medicine for various Gynaec disorders.

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