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Buy Dindayal Hinguleshwar Ras online

Dindayal Hinguleshwar Ras

Hinguleshwar Rasa: Its used in the Ayurvedic treatment of fever with Vata predominant symptoms like body-ache, headache etc.

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Buy Dindayal Memowin Forte Capsule online

Dindayal Memowin Forte Capsule

Memowin Forte Capsule: Memowin Forte Capsule is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine, manufactured by Dindayal Industries Ltd,Gwalior.It is used in the treatment of depression, loss of memory etc.

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Buy Dindayal Shrikhand Avaleha Keshar Yukta online

Dindayal Shrikhand Avaleha Keshar Yukta

Shrikhand Avaleha Keshar Yukta: Its an ayurvedic medicine.Consult the ayurveda doctor to know more about this.

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Buy Dindayal Sanjeevan Tablets Online

Dindayal Sanjeevan Tablets 30 tablets

Sanjeevan Tablets: Multivitamin,Multi-mineral and Anti-oxidant formula.

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