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Shop Zandu Tribhuvan Keerti Rasa

Zandu Tribhuvan Keerti Rasa (40 tab)

Tribhuvan Keerti Rasa: Useful in all types of fever has antipyretic and analgesic action.It is useful in Influenz.

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Shop Zandu Trishun Tablets

Zandu Trishun Tablets (6 tab*5=30 tablet)

Zandu Trishun Tablets: Herbal Trishun strengthens immunity and fights 

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Shop Zandu Zandopa Powder

Zandu Zandopa Powder (200 gm)

Zandu Zandopa Powder: Zandu Zandopa Powder is one of the first plant based formulation to have received approval from the United States F

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Shop Zandu Dhatri Rasayan

Zandu Dhatri Rasayan (225 gm)

Zandu Dhatri Rasayan is an Ayurvedic product used for rejuvenation and to improve strength and immunity. It is also known as Dhatri Rasayana. Dhatri means Amla, which is the main ingredient of this product.

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