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Gynaecology Products

Buy  Kudos Asthanil Syrup online

Kudos Asthanil Syrup

Astanil Syrup

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Kudos v1 tablet online

Kudos V1 Tablet 60

Kudos V1 Tablet: Are complete Joint Care researched by ccras and CSIR-Neist for The First Time in the World,this technology has been transferred by Nrdc to Kudos Laboratories India.

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Buy online Kudos V1 tablet

Kudos V1 Tablets and ointment one month course

Kudos V1 Tablet and Ointment: Kudos V1 are complete Joint Care researched by CCRAS and CSIR - NEIST for The First Time in the World, this technology has been transferred by NRDC to KUDOS LABORATORIES INDIA

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Shop Kudos V1 30 Capsule online

Kudos V1 Forte 30Capsule

A great herbal combination for women which is helpful in Sterility, infertility, ovulatory disorders, frigidity, loss of libido, general weakness and debility.

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Shop Kudos Leucorid 60 Capsule online

Kudos Leucorid 60 Capsule

Non specific leucorrhoea, malaise & backache associated with leucorrhoea & pelvic inflammatory disease.

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Shop Kudos Persona 60 Capsule online

Kudos Persona 60 Capsule

Dysmenorrhoea, General weakness, fatigue, backache, Balances hormones, promotes appetite, purifies the blood, tones up the skin. Builds strength and stamina and keeps women of all age groups healthy and active through out the month.

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