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Heart disease products

Buy CORFLOZ dr vasistha Best price in india

CORFLOZ dr vasistha 60

Angina (resulting from insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle); Old heart attack (Old MI) - For long term management in patients who had a heart attack in the past, along with the treatment they are already on; and Patients whose wounds and fractures take a long time to heal up.

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Buy Kudos arjuteb powder online

Kudos Arjuteb Powder-complete cardiac care

Arjuteb Powder: Its helpful in heart diseases Like Angina pectoris,Cardiac Arrhythmias,Lack of blood circulation,Blockage of arteries, high B.P. & reoccurence of heart attack after bypass surgery.

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Buy Bacfo phceuticals CARDIOL-H Online

Bacfo Cardiol-H (3*10) Capsules - treatment for hypertens...

Bacfo Cardiol-H: For hypertension control of high blood pressure and reduces blood pressure to normal ranges.

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Buy Online Kudos Flax Seed Capsules

Kudos Flax Seed/flaxseed(linseed) 60 Capsules-Blood Chole...

Kudos Flax Seed: Kudos Flax Seedare helpful for Heart,Brain and Eye sight.Highly beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels.

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Buy CARDITONZ dr vasistha Best price in india

CARDITONZ dr vasistha 60

Heart failure - Inability of the heart muscle to pump enough blood into the body;  Reduced pumping capacity of the left ventricle (Low LVEF);

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Shop Kudos Sarpoteb Tablets online

Kudos Sarpoteb Tablets-Gives strength to heart

Sarpoteb Tablets- Hypertension (Mild, Moderate or Severe) whether it is arterial, Renal or neurogenic. • Gives strength to heart and reducing stress.

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Shop Kudos Lipidos 60 Capsules online

Kudos Lipidos 60 Capsules-reduces cholesterol

Lipidos Capsules(60 Cap):-Blood thinner, reduces cholesterol and maintains lipid profile. A good anti-oxidant.

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