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Heart disease products

Buy CORFLOZ dr vasistha Best price in india

CORFLOZ dr vasistha 60

Angina (resulting from insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle); Old heart attack (Old MI) - For long term management in patients who had a heart attack in the past, along with the treatment they are already on; and Patients whose wounds and fractures take a long time to heal up.

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Buy CARDITONZ dr vasistha Best price in india

CARDITONZ dr vasistha 60

Heart failure - Inability of the heart muscle to pump enough blood into the body;  Reduced pumping capacity of the left ventricle (Low LVEF);

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Buy Kudos Amla Forte Capsules  best price of india

Kudos Amla Forte Capsules

Kudos Amla Forte Capsules- It's a rich source of natural Vit-C, which strengthens the immune system and prevents free radical attack in the body.

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Buy Kudos Garlin Capsules best price of india

Kudos Garlin Capsules

Kudos Garlin Capsules- Garlin prevents blood platelets from lumping together thereby preventing blood clots from blocking up the arteries. Garlin lowers homocysteine a known cause of atherosclerosis.

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Buy Kudos Arjuteb Capsules best price of india

Kudos Arjuteb Capsules

Kudos Arjuteb Capsules- KUDOS ARJUTEB CAPSULES are great combination of herbal extracts which acts on our circulatory system mainly to reduce the high level of Cholesterol in blood which is the root cause of fatal cardiac complication i.e. Coronary Artery Blockage. Angina Pectoris, Tachycardia, Cardiac Arrhythmi

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Heart disease,Bacfo Pharmaceuticals,Bacfo Cardiol-H (3*10) Capsules - treatment for hypertens...

Bacfo Cardiol-H (3*10) Capsules - treatment for hypertens...

Bacfo Cardiol-H:- For hypertension,  control of high blood pressure and reduces blood pressure to normal ranges.

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Shop Kudos Flax Seed 60 Capsules online

Kudos Flax Seed/flaxseed(linseed) 60 Capsules-Blood Chole...

hich are helpful for Heart, Brain and Eye sight. Highly beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels.

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Shop Kudos Sarpoteb Tablets online

Kudos Sarpoteb Tablets-Gives strength to heart

Sarpoteb Tablets- Hypertension (Mild, Moderate or Severe) whether it is arterial, Renal or neurogenic. • Gives strength to heart and reducing stress.

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Shop Kudos rai ratan/ratan rai 60 Capsules online

Kudos rai ratan/ratan rai 60 Capsules-for heart diseases

Rai Ratan 60 Capsules

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Shop Kudos Lipidos 60 Capsules online

Kudos Lipidos 60 Capsules-reduces cholesterol

Lipidos Capsules(60 Cap):-Blood thinner, reduces cholesterol and maintains lipid profile. A good anti-oxidant.

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Shop Kudos arjuteb powder online

Kudos Arjuteb Powder-complete cardiac care

Arjuteb Powder is helpful in heart diseases Like- Angina pectoris, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Lack of blood circulation, Blockage of arteries, high B.P. & reoccurence of heart attack after bypass surgery.

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Heart disease,Kudos,Kudos Arjuteb Syrup

Kudos Arjuteb Syrup

Kudos Arjuteb Syrup-KUDOS ARJUTEB SYRUP is a great combination of herbal extracts which helps in regulating serum lipid metabolism, thereby reducing atherosclerosis and improving coronary and peripheral circulation. Strengthens and tones up the cardiac muscles and increases the vascular strength of blood vessels

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