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Kudos Livose  Capsules-Helpful in Liver Diseases

Kudos Livose 60 Capsules-Helpful in Liver Diseases

Livose Capsules: Normalizes liver functions in jaundice, Hepatitis, Alcoholism. Prevents liver damage caused by Hepato-Toxic drugs. Highly effective in loss of appetite, indigestion, Heart Burn, Poor assimilation.

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Amlycure D.S  Capsules

Aimil phceutical Amlycure D.S 10 Capsules

Aimil phceutical Amlycure capsules: Amlycure D. S. is a Desired Strength, comprehensive polyherbal formula, in potent concentration of different vital herbs to exert potent corrective & protective effect in order to immediately check progression to severity and effectively resto

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LIVIE Dr Vasistha  Tablet

LIVIE Dr Vasistha 60 Tablet

LIVIE Dr Vasistha: LIVIE Tablet is an extremely useful and safe ayurvedic tonic and medicine. As its name indicates, it is mainly a medicine that protects the liver and corrects its defects, diseases, and damages. In addition, LIVIE Tablet is quite useful for treating the diseases of the kidneys as it protects the kidney

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