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Skin disease products

Buy LERGEX Dr vasistha Herbals Best price in india

LERGEX Dr vasistha Herbals

 LERGEX Tablet is a scientific ayurvedic medicine that benefits the patients suffering from allergy in several ways - (1) It counters the substances in the body (Histamine, IgE, etc.) that result in allergy; (2) It dilates the air passages (bronchi / bronchioles) constricted due to the substances in th

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Shop Kudos Ram Baan 20 Capsule online

Kudos Ram Baan 15 Capsule-Skin diseases

Ram Baan 15 Capsule :-Skin diseases and other chronic disease where conventional treatment has not responded.

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Shop Kudos Eldos 60 Capsule online

Kudos Eldos 60 Capsule-Protection From Skin Disorders


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Shop Kudos Algex 100 Tablet online

Kudos Algex 100 Tablet-Skin Diseases

Algex :- Chronic skin allergies, Urticaria, Allergic Dermatoses, Pruritus, skin allergies due to food or drugs or chemicals, Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever & Atopic Eczema.

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Shop Kudos Rudhirka Capsule online

Kudos Rudhirka Capsule 60 Purifies The Blood

Rudhirka Capsule:-Removes toxins and purifies the blood. Treats Acne-Pimples and other disorders of skin.

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Shop Kudos Curcumin 30 Capsule online

Kudos Curcumin 60 Capsule-Blood Purifier


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Shop Kudos Glow Skin 30 Capsule online

Kudos Glow Skin 30 Capsule-Skin Diseases

Glow Skin 

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Shop Kudos Anti Aging Oil 15 ml online

Kudos Anti Aging Oil 15 ml-Protects Skin

Anti Aging Oil

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Shop Kudos Sukoon Ayurvedic Talcum Powder 100 gms

Kudos Sukoon Ayurvedic Talcum Powder 100 gms-Skin treatment

Sukoon Ayurvedic Talcum Powder

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Shop Kudos Happy Face Pack 50 gms online

Kudos Happy Face Pack 50 gms-Acne & pimples

Happy Face Pack Happy Face (Face Pack) has an antibacterial, emollient and complexion improving action. Very effective in adolescents Acne & pimples.

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Shop Kudos Vipp Ointment 25 gms online

Kudos Vipp/vip Ointment 25 gms

Vipp Ointment

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Shop Kudos Ayrvedic Soap online

Kudos Ayurvedic Soap

Ayrvedic Soap

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