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Kudos Curcumin  Capsule-Blood Purifier

Kudos Curcumin 60 Capsule-Blood Purifier

Kudos Curcumin Capsule-Blood Purifier: Clinically trialled, high potency extract.Better absorption and bioavailability than standard Curcumin extracts.Temporary relief of arthritic pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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Kudos Rudhirka Capsule  Purifies The Blood

Kudos Rudhirka Capsule 60 Purifies The Blood

Rudhirka Capsule:-Removes toxins and purifies the blood. Treats Acne-Pimples and other disorders of skin.

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LERGEX Dr vasistha Herbals  Tablet

LERGEX Dr vasistha Herbals 60 Tablet

 LERGEX: Tablet is a scientific ayurvedic medicine that benefits the patients suffering from allergy in several ways - (1) It counters the substances in the body (Histamine, IgE, etc.) that result in allergy; (2) It dilates the air passages (bronchi / bronchioles) constricted due to the substances in th

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