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Buy Dabur Active Antacid Itone  price in india

Dabur Active Antacid 170 ml

Dabur Active Antacid: Dabur Active Antacid is an effective and powerful Ayurvedic medicine, enriched with healing ingredients for quick and effective relief from acidity and gas.

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Buy Online Aimil phceutical Amlycure Capsules

Aimil phceutical Amlycure D.S 10 Capsules

Aimil phceutical Amlycure capsules: Amlycure D. S. is a Desired Strength, comprehensive polyherbal formula, in potent concentration of different vital herbs to exert potent corrective & protective effect in order to immediately check progression to severity and effectively resto

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Shop Parth Jambopar Capsules 60 Cap. Online

Parth Jambopar Capsules 60 cap.

Parth Jambopar Capsules is herbal formulation for diabetic patients and proprietary formulation for improving health and enhancing immunity. Jambopar Capsules is a unique combination of herbs that help in managing blood sugar levels, Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Anti-oxidant property of herbs like Amla helps to prevent tissue damage by its free radical scavenging property

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Shop Kudos Rudhirka Capsule online

Kudos Rudhirka Capsule 60 Purifies The Blood

Rudhirka Capsule:-Removes toxins and purifies the blood. Treats Acne-Pimples and other disorders of skin.

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Buy Online Kudos Neem+Clove Toothpaste

Kudos Neem + Clove Toothpaste 100 gms-Cleans Teeth & Fres...

Neem + Clove Toothpaste: Neem+Clove toothpaste contains Babool & other essential herbs made by modern technology.Tooth ache,Cavities,Pyorrhoea,Bleeding Gums,Gingivitis,Sensitive Teeth,bad breath,mouth ulcer.

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Buy Kudos Teerex Gel online

Kudos Teerex Gel 15 ml-Makes Teeth White & Shiny

Teerex Gel: Ayurvedic herbs has been successfully used since years for tooth care.Teerex teeth whitening gel contains rare ayurvedic herbs which strengthens teeth & gums and makes teeth white.

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Buy Kudos I-Gold Eye Drop online

Kudos I-Gold Eye Drop-Helpful in Eye Diseases

Kudos I-Gold Eye Drop: I-GOLD Eye Drops is a sterile soothing antiseptic solution that cools eyes. Kudos I-Gold Eye Drop helps to treat deformities of eyes due to various diseases. It enhances eye sight. Provides soothing effects by removing eye irritation, burning, stress and tiredness of eyes

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dental care,Kudos,Kudos Teerex Gel 100 gm combo of 5 packs

Kudos Teerex Gel 100 gm combo of 5 packs

Teerex Gel 100gm :- Ayurvedic herbs has been successfully used since years for tooth care. Teerex teeth whitening gel contains rare ayurvedic herbs which strengthens teeth & gums and makes teeth white.

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Shop Kudos Neem + Clove Toothpaste 100 gms combo o

Kudos Neem + Clove Toothpaste 100 gms combo of 5 packs

Removes tobacco and betel chewing stains. Strengthen Gums & makes teeth white. Has a long lasting great refreshing taste

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Shop Kudos Persona 60 Capsule online

Kudos Persona 60 Capsule

Dysmenorrhoea, General weakness, fatigue, backache, Balances hormones, promotes appetite, purifies the blood, tones up the skin. Builds strength and stamina and keeps women of all age groups healthy and active through out the month.

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Shop Kudos V1 30 Capsule online

Kudos V1 Forte 30Capsule

A great herbal combination for women which is helpful in Sterility, infertility, ovulatory disorders, frigidity, loss of libido, general weakness and debility.

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Shop Kudos Leucorid 60 Capsule online

Kudos Leucorid 60 Capsule

Non specific leucorrhoea, malaise & backache associated with leucorrhoea & pelvic inflammatory disease.

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Buy Kudos Curcumin Capsule Online

Kudos Curcumin 60 Capsule-Blood Purifier

Kudos Curcumin Capsule-Blood Purifier: Clinically trialled, high potency extract.Better absorption and bioavailability than standard Curcumin extracts.Temporary relief of arthritic pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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Kudos v1 tablet online

Kudos V1 Tablet 60

Kudos V1 Tablet: Are complete Joint Care researched by ccras and CSIR-Neist for The First Time in the World,this technology has been transferred by Nrdc to Kudos Laboratories India.

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Buy online Kudos V1 tablet

Kudos V1 Tablets and ointment one month course

Kudos V1 Tablet and Ointment: An Arthritis Patients suffers from intense pain and a dependent life. Kudos® V-1® will be a magic bullet for Arthritis Patients. It is a Pharmacologically and Clinically Assured Herbal Drug.

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Buy  Kudos Asthanil Syrup online

Kudos Asthanil Syrup

Astanil Syrup

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Shop Kudos Eaze Plus Capsules online

Kudos Eaze Plus Capsules

Kudos Eaze Plus Capsules: Eaze Plus Capsule by Kudos Ayurveda,gives freedom from taking those bitter powder or churna that stick in mouth and have an unpleasant taste.

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Shop Kudos Asthanil 60 Capsule online

Kudos Asthanil 60 Capsule

Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Whooping Cough, Breathlessness and chronic respiratory disorder.

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Buy Kudos Prosol Capsule online

Kudos Prosol 60 Capsule

Kudos Prosol Capsule: Prostatitis (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy), Burning and obstruction during Micturition.

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Buy Kudos Vanistone Tablet online

Kudos Vanistone 100 Tablet

Kudos Vanistone: Urinary Stones, Prevents recurrence after surgical removal of calculi, Dysuria, U.T.I., Local & Generalized Oedema.

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