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Hamdard Products

Hamdard,Hamdard,Hamdard Majun Arad Khurma

Hamdard Majun Arad Khurma

Hamdard Majun Arad Khurma: For general debility. Consult Hamdard Physician to know more about this product.

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Hamdard,Hamdard,Hamdard Pech 25 Tablets

Hamdard Pech 25 Tablets

Hamdard Pech Tablets: It is a very effective and well known preparation for diarrhoea and dysentery.

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Shop Hamdard Majun Jalali

Hamdard Majun Jalali 30gm

Hamdard Majun Jalali: A well known classic medicine useful in treating general debility.

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Shop Hamdard Habbe Bawaseer Khooni

Hamdard Habbe Bawaseer Khooni 50 pills

Habbe Bawaseer Khooni: It is highly effective in bleeding piles.

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Shop Hamdard Habbe Muqil

Hamdard Habbe Muqil 50 pills

Hamdard Habbe Muqil: It is useful in flatulent piles, strengthens stomach.

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Shop Marham Jadwar

Hamdard Marham Jadwar 50gm

Marham Jadwar: Marham Jadwar dissolves glandular swelling and heals wounds. For external use only.

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Shop Pachnol Hamdard online

Hamdard Pachnol

Hamdard Pachnol: It is a very tasty digestive tablet. Pachnol is a special formulation of trusted natural ingredients which quickly control acidity, flatulence and indigestion. It is a safe remedy for all kinds of

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Shop Hamdard Hair Oil

Hamdard Hamdard Hair Oil 100ml

Hamdard Hair Oil: It makes the hair soft, dark and lustrous and is beneficial in every season.

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Shop Hamdard Joshanda online

Hamdard Joshanda

Hamdard Joshanda: It is an age old trusted remedy made from beneficial herbs. It fights cough and fever due to cold and is also useful in sore throat. Highly efficient in cough and cold. Available in decoction form. Best known for its instant effect in cough.

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Shop Hamdard Dolabi

Hamdard Dolabi 45 Tablets

Hamdard Dolabi: It strengthens kidneys as well as bladder and checks polyuria. Consult Hamdard physician to know more about this procuct.

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Hamdard Majun Mochras

Majun Mochras:It strengthens the uterus and is useful in Leucorrhoea.

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Hamdard,Hamdard,Hamdard Benazir Hair Oil 100ml

Hamdard Benazir Hair Oil 100ml

Hamdard Benazir Hair Oil: It is one of the best hair oils. It checks falling of hair, helps growth, nourishes the roots, maintains the natural colour of hair and conditions them. It also imparts a cooling effect to head.

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Shop Hamdard Majun Chob Chini Ban Kalan 60gm onlin

Hamdard Majun Chob Chini Ban Kalan 60gm

Majun Chob Chini Ban Kalan: It is helpful in relieving pain in the joints.Its Uanani medicine

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Shop Hamdard Sualin Jar

Hamdard Sualin Jar 400 Tablet

Hamdard Sualin Jar 400 Tablet: A remedy for Cough Cold Bron chitis useful in all types of cough removes sputum from lungs relieves sore throat and hoarse voice. It is also helpful in laryngitis. Cough Cold Flu Removes phlegm from lungs Soar throat and Clears hoarse voice Bronchitis Influenza Tonsillitis

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Shop Hamdard Hamdoroid-Capsule & Ointment online

Hamdard Hamdoroid-Capsule & Ointment

Hamdoroid Capsule & Ointment: It is a stronger, more effective double line treatment for piles, relieves pain, itching, reduces swelling, stops heavy bleeding, cures swelling of haemorrhoids and heals the wounds faster.

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Shop Hamdard Kushta Qalai

Hamdard Kushta Qalai 10gm

Hamdard Kushta Qalai: Increases retentivmatorrhoea and impotency. Strengte power and sex virility. Rectifies Nocturnal Emissions, Sperhens the nerves and increases memory.

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Shop Hamdard Labub Azam 125gm online

Hamdard Labub Azam 125gm

Hamdard Labub Azam: Labub Azam is an ayurvedic and unani medicine for building stamina, boosting immunity and enhancing energy.

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Hamdard,Hamdard,Hamdard Habb-E-Mumsik Tilai 5 pills

Hamdard Habb-E-Mumsik Tilai 5 pills

Habb-E-Mumsik Tilai: It Is an ayurvedic and unani medicine for lasting longer in bed, increasing vigour, vitality, sexual desire and sexual potency (virility). Hamdard Habbe Mumsik Tilai is a potent medicinal supplement that is beneficial in giving better erections (male enhancement), erectile dysfunction (ed), male impotency an

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Hamdard,Hamdard,Hamdard Jawarish Shahi

Hamdard Jawarish Shahi

Hamdard Jawarish Shahi: It strengthens the heart and the nervous system.

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Shop Hamdard Kushta Faulad Sone Chandi W.3gm onlin

Hamdard Kushta Faulad Sone Chandi W. 1gm

Hamdard Kushta Faulad Sone Chandi: Its a unani product. Consult the doctor to know more about this products.

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