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Dhootpapeshwar Shilapravang Special tablet-Ayurveda for sex

: Dhootpapeshwar

Shilapravang special: It is a time tested unique Rasayana formulation from shree Dhootapapeshwar ltd which has been in the market for over sixty years. This is a balanced combination of most potent herbs.

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Shilapravang special :  According to Ayurveda such a formulation with Rasayana properties restores perfect health prevents premature ageing, revitalizes body tissues, improves mental functions and revives, youthful energy and vigour.Shilapravang special is an ideal formula for young and elderly men suffering from stress and strain of fast paced life style . It fights fatigue, exhaustion and debility, Shilapravang Special restores their natural zest and capacity to enjoy fuller life.


It fights fatigue, exhaustion and debility.
It restores natural zest and capacity to enjoy fuller life.
It prevents pre mature ageing
Revitalizes body tissues
Improves mental functions and revives youthful energy and vigor.

Ingredients: Shuddha Shilajeet, Pravala Bhasma, Vanga Bhasma, Mukta Pishti, Svarnamaskshik Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Shatavar,Amalaki, Atmagupta, Gokharu, Bala, Jatiphala, Makard

Benefits of Shilapravang
It is excellent medicine for Prameha, Madhumeha, Shukra kshaya, Oj kshaya and Dhatu shaithilya.
It is also useful in benign type of Prostatitis.
It works on urinary and reproductive organs.
It gives relief in burning sensation.
It is a tonic and gives strength.
It is Vajikarak or Aphrodisiac.
It improves Shukra Dhatu.
It increases strength, stamina, vigour, vitality and fertility.
It gives relief in stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue.
It balances Kapha and Vata Dosha.
It helps in urinary disorders such as burning micturition, scanty urination etc.
Shilapravang (Special) nourishes Sapta Dhatu (the Seven Body tissues, Rasa Dhatu / Digestive System or Metabolic Juices and Plasma, Rakta Dhatu / Circulatory system or Blood, Mamsa Dhatu / Muscular System or Muscles and Tendons, Med Dhtu Body fat, Majja Dhatu Bone marrow, Asthi Dhatu / Skeletal Sysytem or Bones and Shukra Dhatu / Reproductive System or Seminal Fluids).

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