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Kamraz Course
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Kamraz Course

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Kamraz: It is specially formulated with revitalizing minerals, herbs and other nutrients to nourish the male glands & organs. The premium formula provides increased energy and vitality and combats the causes of decreased libido. It also enhances male function acts as an aphrodisiac; improves hormonal function; contributes to prostate, urinary & kidney health; improves blood flow & circulation important to sexual activity tonifies the adrenals and other important reproductive organs. KAMRAZ provides relief from the symptoms experienced by men suffering from low energy or a run-down condition caused by overwork, stress and tension of todays fast-paced life, decrease in sexual desire & vitality, muscular weakness, lack of ambition or vigor.

Dosage: One capsule at night with milk.

Pouch: After break fast with milk cream or butter.

Oil: Apply at night on outer skin of penis except joint of skin of penis and glans, head of penis. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes. It is for only external use. Not to apply inside the skin of penis.

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