B-Gap 1 Tablet – Oral Contraceptive Tablet

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B-Gap Tablet: is a wonderful product that gives excellent results without producing any side effects. There are different types of birth control pills available in the market and such female contraceptive pill are sometimes are hormonal and produce hormonal changes in women. Women who do not want to get pregnancy keep searching the ways for how not to get pregnant


  • Tinospora cordifolia 10mg
  • Bambusa arundinacea 10mg
  • Chloride of sodium 2mg
  • Berberis aristata 10 mg
  • Ricinus comunis 25mg


B-Gap Tablet iis birth control pills that are effective and may be taken for as long as any woman does not want a child. Female contraceptive pill are safe and may be taken by women of any age. Some other tips are also given in this article that may help you to get some ideas about how not to get pregnant:

B-Gap Tablet is an herbal remedy that helps to prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancy without producing any side effect. This herbal product is effective in controlling pregnancy and consists of all natural herbs. It prevents the fertilization of the ovum by forming a layer. This product is absolutely natural and does not consist of any harmful ingredients. It is also free from any artificial hormones that may produce harmful effects. It is an effective natural product which is safe and does not produce any side effects. You may plan pregnancy as per your requirement. There are many side effects with other birth control pills but this is an herbal remedy and does not produce any adverse effects on women health.


Female contraceptive pill available in the market may produce many harmful effects but this does not produce any known side effects. There are no hormonal changes produced even if it is taken for a longer period of time. It is simple to take and you do not have to consult any doctor or physician for taking this remedy. You get your periods on time and there is no delay or pain during periods. Women who use other contraceptive methods experience many side effects such as irregular menses, pain during periods, weakness, irritability, etc. But, this herbal and ayurvedic formulation is absolutely free from any such effects and gives wonderful results.

What is B-Gap Tablet ?

B-Gap Tablet. is Oral Contraceptive Tab.

is an easy, safe effective contraceptive for a woman wanting to delay her first pregnancy or space the next child.B-Gap Tablet is available in a single Tab. for Six Month.

How does B-Gap Table work ?

B-Gap Tablet makes salty layer on the ovum and prevent fertilization.

Can I take B-Gap Tablet ?

B-Gap Tablet are available at Ayurvedic & Medical Stores.

When should I start B-Gap Tablet ?

Swallow B-Gap Tablet early in the morning with water, empty stomach when menses closed. Avoid intercourse for seven days (Wednesday to next Wednesday as example.) The Oral B-GAP Tab freedom up to married woman to control her won fertility and choose motherhood when she desires in addition to preventing pregnancy.

B-Gap Tablet. to be taken under medical supervision. It has following beneficial effects: No weight gain. Timely menses is being,. No chance of any infection No pain during menstuation.

What are the side effects. B-GAP Tab.?

It is a Herbal formula contain’s NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Don’t take the B-GAP Tab ? If you have any of the following :

Suspected / confirmed pregnancy. Irregular unexplained vaginal bleeding can tridiation. Don’t taken antibiotics during use of B-GAP. Don’t Crush & chew the Tablet.

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