Charak ph Neo 75 Tablet

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Charak ph Neo Tablet:Neo is used for effective management of premature ejaculation. Mucuna pruriens and Eclipta alba calm the nervine impulses and reduce the excitability of cerebral and spinal centers. Asparagus racemosus relieves neuromuscular and sexual irritability. Allium cepa in NEO promotes decongestion of genitalia and the prostate, and thus helps in the management of premature ejaculation.

Neo is an Ayurvedic medicine for the Management of Premature Ejaculation and Nocturnal Emission. Premature ejaculation(Shighra Patan) is very common problem.In this male ejaculate sooner while doing intercourse.According to medical experts it is rarely caused by physical weakness or problems.In most of the cases it becomes normal after some time(days to months).So one should understand this that this is not an physical weakness or any illness.

Neo a herbo-mineral formulation helps men overcome premature ejaculation.Herbs like Kapikachchhu ( Mucuna pruriens) and Bhringaraj ( Eclipta alba) calm the nerve impulses and reduce the excitability. Shatavari ( Asparagus racemosus) and Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra) are useful to reduce psychological causes and serve as adaptogenic support.Neo is safe and effective alternative to prolong ejaculation time and sustain mens sexual pleasure.

Bed-wetting (enuresis) is normal in young children that may indicate a delay in the maturation of the muscles and nerves of the lower urinary tract,which most often resolves without treatment.If bed-wetting persists,other causes are to be considered,such as urinary tract infections (UTI),diabetes,inadequate nervine control over the bladder,or psychological.Neo,by its nervine tonic and adaptogenic activity,helps to strengthen nerve and muscle control of lower urinary tract to prevent bed-wetting.


  • Non sedating and non habit forming effect unlike antidepressant.
  • Long lasting effect after the therapy.
  • Does not reduce the sexual urge.
  • Assist in achieving voluntary bladder control
  • Safe for Continuous use.


  • Premature ejaculation and Nocturnal emission.
  • Bed-wetting in children.

Adult: 1-2 Tablets three times daily for six to eight weeks.
Children: 1 tablet three times daily for four to six weeks. The tablet can be crushed and given with milk or honey.

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