Energic 31 combo of 5 packs 10 capsules

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Energic 31 combo of 5 packs 10 capsules :-

ENERGIC-31 is aherbal tonicforEnergy&Vitality. It is used as aHERBAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. It is aSUPER POWER FORMULAsupplement which gives youREAL ENERGY. It makes you moreENERGETICfrom inside. The research also conducted by the team of experts of the company revealed that natural ingredients present in ENERGIC-31 are proven ENERGIC ingredients and has a direct references in the ANCIENT INDIAN LITERATURE and also from other sources of Plants / Herbs usefulness. The majority of the ingredients in this supplement are plant (leaves) derived herbs.

Herbal formulations are generally multicomponent and are mostly based on the concept that such combinations provide more synergistic therapeutic effects and eliminate any undesirable effects (Charaka). ENERGIC-31 is a herbal composition that containing the native herbs, that reputed in the ancient system of natural source to be highly useful for removing the anxiety problem , tension & insomnia and greatly promotes Energy, Vigour and Youthful Vitality.


  • It is made from the some of the best and premium natural ingredients found in India under best stringent quality controls, and including:
  • Shudh Shilajit
  • Asphaltum
  • Nirgund
  • Vitex negundo
  • Jatamansi
  • Nardostachys jatamansi
  • Sonf
  • Pimpinella anisum
  • Amla
  • Emblica officinalis
  • Tulsi
  • Ocimum sanctum
  • Aswgandha
  • Withania somnifera
  • Shatawar
  • Asperagus racimosus
  • Konch ka beej
  • Mucuna prurita
  • Dal Chini
  • Cinnamomum cassia
  • Nagkeshar
  • Mesua ferra
  • Gokhru
  • Hygrophila spinosa
  • Lodha Pathani
  • Symplocos racemosa
  • Chhoti Ilayachi Dana
  • Elettaria cardamomum
  • Chhoti Pipal
  • Piper longum
  • Samudra Sosha
  • Salvia plebeia
  • Safed Musli
  • Asparagus adscendens
  • Babul Ka Gonda
  • Gum acacia
  • Kali Mirch
  • Piper nigrum
  • Kankol mirch
  • Inormordica dioca
  • Akarkara
  • Pyrethrum radix
  • Talmakhana
  • Asteracantha
  • Akhrot
  • Prunus armeniaca
  • Bidhara
  • Myristica longum
  • Neem
  • Azadirachata indica
  • Jaiphal
  • Myristica fragrans
  • Pudina
  • Mentha arvensis
  • Brahmi
  • Centella asiatica
  • Arjuna
  • Terminalia asiatica
  • Tejpat
  • Cinnamomum iners
  • Harida
  • Curcuma longa

ENERGIC-31 comes in total 100% vegetarian capsules. It is preservative free and perfect genetically modified organisms (GMO) free. It has no ethylene oxide and no peroxide, no parabens, with no sulfites no EDTA.

To date it is really the best dietary supplement for men and women. In addition to being a immense energy booster, it helps in removing the anxiety problems, tension, and insomnia disease. The energy, vigor and vitality that actually comes with this is better realized then expressed in words explained here . ENERGIC-31 is 100% safe to use and in fact will not affect any type of medication that you are using at the moment. This all natural product provokes a sense of well-being and promotes the great energy for daily activities and beyond that .

Why ENERGIC-31 according to time honored traditional herbal system ?
The rejuvenating herbs present here in are anti-stress agents, aphrodisiac in action and effectively act as a general body tonic. These are the accepted sources of all the minerals that required by body and their regular use strengthens the overall body system and boosts up the immune system. These are helpful in urogenital and semen disorders like aligospermia. These herbs actually also good for Pitta (fire) because of its pitta pacifying agents, and are best used for premature ejaculation, impotency, spermaturia and other semen disorders. The combination is also helpful in age related muscular degeneration and it increases vigor.

ENERGIC-31 taken in the recommended doses acts as a natural Aphrodisiac. The usage of ENERGIC-31 clearly shows all the properties of a real Aphrodisiac. It acts as a powerful sexual stimulant, that arouses the natural desire for sex, improves total sexual performance and acts as a general body tonic. Unlike the other aphrodisiacs and sex stimulants a man does not feel sexy all the time in day, but sexual desire and stimulation will arouse in the body when his mind wants to do the same at that moment .

Possible Indications
ENERGIC-31 is a unique high energy and vitality formula that contains essential herbal ingredients put together in the optimum herbal traditions. It greatly helps restore energy and vitality. It is really effective way to light fatigue & general debility. The herbal energy that contained in the capsules recharges the overall body with energy fitness, vigour and vitality. It builds up the stamina, resistance, greatly tones up nervous system, useful in loss of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and also for decreased sexual vigor and vitality, impotence, nausea, vigour.

Recommended Usage
Adults: One capsule twice on a daily basis.

  • ENERGIC-31 Plus are taken by oral route & swallowed with the use of milk or fruit juice.
  • Foods to Favour
  • Rice along with the milk, black gram (lentil) soup, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken and milk.
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Fried and spicy fatty meals, late night dinner, or junk food, alcohol, smoking and stressful conditions
  • life. Don’t take excessive salty and other acidic foods.
  • Comments
  • ENERGIC-31 can be used on a regular basis without causing any adverse side effect. Its non-habit forming and also non-narcotic.


  • No special precaution is needed for use of this formula . In case a person is already suffering from any disease or other disorder or ailment it is advised to take ENERGIC-31 after consulting by the physician. It is advised that during pregnancy & lactation or person with high blood pressure, the physician should be consulted before taking this supplement . Store in a cool, dark & dry place temperature . Keep out of reach of children usage

Medicinal Claim

  • ENERGIC-31 is a 100% Herbal Dietary Supplement by without any medicinal claim. The product is not proposed to diagnose, or treat, cure or avert any disease.

Benefit of Energic 31

  • Improves The Resistance Power And Stamina.
  • Improves Health, And Strength,Vigor And Vitality.

Enhances Digestive System.

  • Increases R.B.C..
  • In General Weakness ,Its Giving Extra Energy To Players.
  • In Physical And The Mental Tiredness.
  • In Body Pains And The Head-Aches.
  • Improves The Total Function Of All Internal Systems Of The Body.

Controls Diabetes.

  • Controls Blood Cholesterol.
  • Normalize The Blood Pressure (Hypotension)
  • Effective In The Kidney Infections .
  • Effective In The Geneto-Urinary Diseases.
  • Enhances Nervous System.
  • Recovers Weakness That After Fever.
  • Recovers Weakness After The Pregnancy.
  • Recovers Weakness After The Coition.
  • Improves Sexual Debility And The Lake Of Desire Of Opposit Sex.
  • Improves The Total Funtion Of Sexual Organs.
  • Increases The Total Fertility In Female.
  • Removes The Frostiness In Female.

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