Himalaya Tentex Royal 50 Capsules

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Himalaya tentex royal: Its recommended for erectile dysfunction of various etiologies (cardiovascular diseases, endothelial dysfunction and diabetes).The natural ingredients in Tentex Royal act as aphrodisiacs that increase ual desire, treats male ual weakness and premature ejaculation.


Indication: Erectile dysfunction of varied etiologies


Benefits & Medicinal Uses
Tentex forte is an Androgenic and Aphrodisiac tonic that helps increase male stamina and libido. It contains Indian Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) and Shilajit, which gives strength and reduces emotional stress or anxiety.


Key Benefits

Tentex forte consist of unique properties helps regulating libido.
It also increases confidence and lowers emotional stress with improving desire.
Ingredients in Tentex forte increase strength and performance stamina.
It also prevents erectile dysfunction and improves the erection.



Low libido

Ingredients in Tentex Forte have androgenic and aphrodisiac actions that help improving libido and erectile tissue functions. Tentex Forte appears to act on neuronal centers (i.e. hypothalamus and limbic system) in the brain to improve libido. It also alleviates anxiety linked with poor performance, so it reduces stress and anxiety, which ultimately helps achieving improvement in libido loss and performance.


Mens Weakness

Its natural ingredients like Shilajit and Ashwagandha help gaining strength and prevent poor performance. In most common cause of poor performance and male dysfunction is inadequate circulating testosterone level. Mucuna Pruriens improves testosterone level in the blood.



Erectile Dysfunction

Tribulus Terrestris present in Tentex Forte provides additional support due to Protodioscin (steroidal saponin compound) that converts into dehydroepiandrosterone. It dilates arteries and improves blood flow, which helps sustaining erection for a longer period. Tribulus Terrestris (Gokshura) also increases the strength of erectile tissue. Ashwagandha and Shilajit also have similar effects that strengthen the erectile tissues. Ingredients present in Tentex Forte also increase circulating testosterone level. Therefore, Tentex Forte is also go

What is Tentex Royal?

Tentex Royal Capsule is used for Enhances sexual desire,Kidney stones, Abdominal distension,Aphrodisiac,Diabetes,Inflammation and other conditions.Tentex Royal Capsule may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.
Tentex Royal Capsule contains Hygrophila,and Tribulus Terrestris as active ingredients.
Tentex Royal Capsule works by possessing the acetylcholinesterase inhibitory effects enhancing the level of dopamine in the brain; inhibiting the he expression of proinflammatory cytokines.lowering the peristaltic movements.

Producing the diuretic activity due to the presence of potassium salts activating the testosterone production from Leydig cells blocking the nucleation and growth of the calcium oxalate crystals enhancing the specific immune response.suppressing the gluconeogenesis process lowering the cholesterol-induced hyperlipidemi raising the concentration of sperm count in epididymis.raising the fructose levels of seminal vesicles.suppressing the hepatocarcinogenesis decreasing the blood glucose levelraising the erythrocyte count,leukocyte count,and haemoglobin count.possessing the antioxidant activity decreasing the brain lipid peroxidation

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