Japani Oil (Tel/Tail) 30 ml (15ml*2)

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Japani Oil:

Japani Oil is an Ayurvedic product meant for enhancement of the male reproductive organ. It is quite an effective oil for treating many problems relating to Male reproductive organs. Swasthya Shop has curated the most successful Japani Tel (Oil) for treating a number of sexual disorders faced by men.

The most common issues faced by men are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and less energy. Japani Oil is the one-stop solution for all of these problems. What this oil really does is it strengthens the male genitalia, improves libido and improves potency with no side-effects at all.

The current lifestyle has led to the rise in these problems. Factors such as unhealthy diet, improper sleep, busy schedule, stress, work pressure often leads to unsatisfactory sex. The regular use of Japani oil improves sexual health.

If you enquire Japani Tel price or Japani Oil price online or otherwise you will find that Japani Oil is available at a much budgeted price at Swasthaya Shopee. It is

The composition of Japani Oil is:

  • Akarkara
  • Malla
  • Malkangni
  • Keshar
  • Harttal
  • Jaitoon Oil
  • Laung
  • Tilli oil

The right procedure to use the Japani tel is to apply it on the skin part of the penis twice a day, one in the morning and one before going to bed. Only 10-15 drops of the Japani tel needs to be taken and massaged on the genatalia.

Japani Oil has no side-effects unless you are using one of the fake products also widely available in the market. When it comes to such sensitive products, you must make the purchase from only trusted brands like Swasthya Shopee.

There are so many benefits that one may get from Japani Oil like:

  • Strenghtens your penis: This oil helps increase the blood flow in your penis which improves low erections.
  • Penis Enlargement: To derive maximum pleasure it is important that you are able to get the right size of your penis. Japani tel helps you have a bigger, healthier and a stronger penis.
  • Low Libido: This Oil helps lower the amount of sensitivity in the male reproductive organ that helps improve libido. Daily application can help ensure that the sensitivity of the organ reduces.
  • Improves potency: It helps counter impotency and helps rejuvenate the organ and re-energizes the muscles in the organ that are already fatigued.

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