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Kanchan kaya churan: Vitiligo is a physical condition which is being spread quite rapidly among the human being. It is a kind of skin disease which reduces the quantity of melanin from the body and generates white patches on the whole skin of the patient. Today, thousands of people are struggling with the skin problem in which the disease damages the pigment particles of the skin, which plays an important role in providing color to your skin, eyes and hairs, and damages your skin and leave a white spot on your skin. These patches generally occur on the hands, neck, and face. Parasites and worms play an important part in lead to Leucoderma. In this article we are conclude reason and medicines used to get rid of white patches on face and skin.

Vitiligo Skin Disorder: Reason of Leucoderma After the numerous studies still its not so clear the actual reason of the origin of this harmful disease. But there are some prediction about the disease that, it may start through hereditary factors, emotional stress, sunburns, worms, or through physical sickness and can increased with diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, pernicious anemia and other skin disease. So if you are looking for, the way to get rid of white patches on skin, then we can assure that Ayurvedic medicines are an extremely effective in fighting against this disease. This is a kind of disease which generally start from a small dot of white patches, but can spread to the whole body, if you didnt get proper solution at a time.




Why Ayurvedic Medicine in Leucoderma Treatment?
The Vitiligo (aka Leucoderma) is generally starts among 10 to 30 year age due to irregular diet and troubled immune system which starts slower in body but contribute in several skin problems in the body. After a long years research it has been found that Ayurvedic medicines are effective in Leucoderma treatment which never leave any kind of side effects on the patients body and provide rapid results in the treatment of this disease. Although Vitiligo skin disorder is not dangerous for life with this disease, but apart from that it affects the skin color which generally looses the confidence of the patient. Ayurvedic medicines are found very effective to get rid of white spot on face Easily.




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