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Kesri Marham (Ointment) 40gm

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Kesri Marham: An ointment that gives relief in 120 diseases, such ointment appears for the first time on earth in the history of ayurveda.Mans life today has been reduced to merely machine life. Whichever grains vegetables , fruits and other substances we take in grow out of chemical fertilizer like urea and other chemical substance and it is the grains and vegetable produced by those chemical fertilizers which forms the blood flowing in our veins and arteries and then spread the magic web of diseases in our body. The wind having been offended by these fills the empty springs and veins of our body and man dreadfully becomes the victim of windy diseases. The offended wind in the body causes 80 kinds of windy diseases.

These 80 kind of windy diseases which are referred to as diseases caused by windy disorders or rheumatic diseases which also goes by the name of backache,pain of knees, joints, shoulders, heels,tightness or constriction of joints pain of joints or of union of bones which is called the pain of joints of hands and feet, the pain in back to ankles or the rheumatism of the loins which s called by some people by the name of sciatica. All these diseases are caused only when the wind in the body gets offended. The pain, the ache caused by these diseases is so accurate that it becomes extremely painful to bear it

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