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Speed Height Capsules – 60 Cap combo of 3 packs

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Speed Height Capsules:To increase height and growth is a major distress in minds of most of the people now a days. A good height no doubt makes you look good, makes you confident and more respectable in your own eyes.If you feel disheartened or depressed or have emotional trauma connected to your delayed in your growth and development, we can facilitate you getting the desired height you always hunted.


Height Increasing Capsules

The height increasing capsules. The most talked about herbal supplemst based on the guidelines of ayurveda. It not only inceses your height but alo makes you look taller, smater and confident. Enpowerd with the active herbals, Height Increasing Capsules will make you taller and confident, the condition you only dreamth of.


  • Withinia somniferra 75 mg
  • Puraria tuberose 75 mg
  • Lepidium sativum 150 mg
  • Gentiana sativum 150 mg
  • Acacia Arabica 50 mg
  • Ephedra gerardiana 5 mg
  • Cassia tora 30 mg
  • Oroxylum indicum 30 mg
  • Mucana pruries 50 mg
  • Cassytha filiformis 10 mg
  • Lauh bhasam 10 mg

Height Increasing Capsules is one of the solution that helps in stimulating the human growth hormone that will help you in gaining the height. Human growth hormone is secreted from the anterior aspect of the pituitary gland (the master gland) situated in the brain. Production of growth hormone is at the highest in the teens (13 to 19 years of age) and this is the time maximum people attain their height and growth. But growth hormone secretions drastically falls after this age and the growth stops.

Truly Height Increasing Capsules is the fantastic way to grow taller and remain healthy at the same time!

Increase your height the best way without any side effects and at the lowest prise ever.

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