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Buy Baidyanath Suthashekhar Ras No1 Online

Baidyanath Suthashekhar Ras No1(SwYu) (5 Tab)

Baidyanath Suthashekhar Ras: Alterative, antacid, carminative & indicated in hyperacidity, vomitting cough, indigestion colic, diarrhoiea, dysentery,unticaria, cough and asthma etc,

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Swarna - Gold Based,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Swarnaraj Bangeshwar (5 gm)

Baidyanath Swarnaraj Bangeshwar (5 gm)

Baidyanath Swarnaraj Bang

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Buy Baidyanath Gangadhar Ras Online

Baidyanath Gangadhar Ras (40 tab)

Baidyanath Gangadhar Ras: Acts as an astringent. Indicated in dysentery, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, flatulence.

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Buy Baidyanath Hemgarbha Pottali Online

Baidyanath Hemgarbha Pottali Ras (SMY) (5 tab)

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RasRasayan,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Jwarankush Ras (80 tab)

Baidyanath Jwarankush Ras (80 tab)

Baidyanath Jwarankush Ras: Alterative & febrifuge. Indicated in all sorts of fever (remittent & intermittent), malaria etc.

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Buy Baidyanath Mrigank Ras

Baidyanath Mrigank Ras (SMY) (5 tab)

Baidyanath Mrigank Ras: It is alterative, tonic & haematinic.Indicated in pulmonary diseases,chronic fever,cough,bronchitis, indigestion, dysentery. It is stimulant to heart and lungs. 

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Shop Baidyanath Saptamrita Lauha (40 tab) Online

Baidyanath Saptamrita Lauha (40 tab)

Baidyanath Saptamrita Lauha: Shows good results in younger patients complaining of greying of hair and eye diseases like Hypermetropia, irritation, redness associated with watery secretion. 

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Shop Baidyanath Irimedadi Tel (50 ml) Online

Baidyanath Irimedadi Tel (50 ml)

Baidyanath Irimedadi Tel: Use For Gargle in the diseases of teeth and gums like bleeding gums, bad breadth etc. Helps to prevent tooth decay.

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Buy Baidyanath Mandoor Bhasma Online

Baidyanath Mandoor Bhasma (10gm)

Baidyanath Mandoor Bhasma: Most effective in liver disorders.Corrects anaemia,jaundice,piles oedema associated with liver disorders.Indicated in  general debility,enlargement of spleen.Medicine of choice for growing childern & pregna

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Bhasma,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Hazrulyahud Bhasma (10gm)

Baidyanath Hazrulyahud Bhasma (10gm)

Baidyanath Hazrulyahud Bhasma: Its An Ayurvedic Medicine. It Uses Antacid and lithic used in stone in bladder, supression of urinary secretion & burning micturition. 

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Shop Baidyanath Praval Bhasma (ChaPutit) (5 gm) On

Baidyanath Praval Bhasma (ChaPutit) (5 gm)

Baidyanath Praval Bhasma: Antacid, used in cough, phthisis, scrofulous affections, spermotorrhoea, pilmonary haemorrhage & calcium deficiency.

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Buy Baidyanath Chandrodaya Online

Baidyanath Chandrodaya (Antardhoom)

Baidyanath Chandrodaya: Acts as an alterative & stimulant. Indicated for strengthening brain, Heart, lungs, intestines, liver & kindney. It is a nervine tonic & is used for vitality memory & general debility.

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Buy Baidyanath Tribhuvankirti Ras Online

Baidyanath Tribhuvankirti Ras (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Tribhuvankirti Ras: Useful in all types of fever has antipyretic and analgesic action.It is useful in Influenza, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Chicken pox & Measles.

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Buy Baidyanath Lashunadi Bati

Baidyanath Lashunadi Bati (20gm)

Baidyanath Lashunadi Bati: Diarrhea and vomiting, abdominal gases, sharp pain in the bowels, Acid Eructations, Loss of appetite and indigestion.

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Buy Baidyanath Bramhi Ghruta Online

Baidyanath Bramhi Ghruta (100 gm)

Baidyanath Bramhi Ghruta: Alterative, diuretic and brain sedative, also useful in mania, epilepsyinsanity and mental disease.

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Buy Baidyanath Mahavatvidhwansan Ras Online

Baidyanath Mahavatvidhwansan Ras (80 tab)

Baidyanath Mahavatvidhwansan Ras: Indicated in skin-diseases piles,loss of appetite epilepsy,acute rheumatishm and reurasthenia.

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Buy Baidyanath Hridayarnava Ras Online

Baidyanath Hridayarnava Ras (80 Tab)

Baidyanath Hridayarnava Ras: It used in insomnia,disturbed sleep,angina & palpitation.

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Buy Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasma Shatputi Online

Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasma Shatputi (2.5 gm)

Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasma Shatputi: Same as Abhrak Bhasma but more potent.

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Buy Baidyanath Manikya Bhasma Online

Baidyanath Manikya Bhasma (2.5 gm)

Baidyanath Manikya Bhasma: Acts as an Nervine tonic. Indicated in general debility and weakness of Heart.

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Buy Baidyanath Sphatika Bhasma

Baidyanath Sphatika Bhasma (10 gm)

Baidyanath Sphatika Bhasma:It is an Ayurvedic medicine in powder form,used in the treatment of leucoderma,herpes etc. In Ayurvedic terms, it is categorized as one among Uparasa. 

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Buy Baidyanath Prawal Pishti Online

Baidyanath Prawal Pishti (10gm)

Baidyanath Prawal Pishti: An antacid, alterative, tonic and pitta pacifier.Prepared from Prawal & Gulab jal.

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Buy Baidyanath Jaharmohra Khatai Bhasma Online

Baidyanath Jaharmohra Khatai Bhasma (5 gm)

Baidyanath Jaharmohra Khatai Bhasma: Invigorates heart & brain. Indicated for children in treatment of rickets,indigestion,vomiting, diarrhea & fever. Pitta Nashak.

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Chyawanprash,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Chyawan Vit Sugarfree Chyawanprash combo of 3 ...

Baidyanath Chyawan Vit Sugarfree Chyawanprash combo of 3 ...

Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash: Chwaywan-Vit free from any added sugar.Every teaspoon contains natural goodness of Shatavari & Ashwagandha.

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Shop Baidyanath Shilajitvadi Bati (Ord) (20 tab) O

Baidyanath Shilajitvadi Bati (Ord) (20 tab)

Baidyanath Shilajitvadi Bati: Purified asphaltum,gymnema sylvestre, azadirachta

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Buy Baidyanath Rajahprawartini Vati Online

Baidyanath Rajahprawartini Vati (Tablets) (40 tab)

Baidyanath Rajahprawartini Vati: Its used for symptoms associated with dysmenorrhoea like back pain, pain in lower abdomen and thighs. It is useful in burning sensation in hands and feet.

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Buy Baidyanath Sutikabharan Ras

Baidyanath Sutikabharan Ras(SwYu) (5 Tab)

Baidyanath Sutikabharan Ras: Its an ayurvedic products an no side effects.

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Baidyanath Amlapittantak Lauh (40 tab)

Baidyanath Amlapittantak Lauh: Amlapittantak Lauh is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form, used in the treatment of acidity and gastritis.

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Baidyanath Shilajitvadi Loha (40 tab)

Baidyanath Shilajitvadi Loha: Acts as an alterative, diuretic & haematinic. Indicated in dyspepsia, diarrhoea, arthritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, anaemic, urinary troubles. Chronic fever, prameh etc.

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Lauh-Mandur,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Shothari Lauh (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Shothari Lauh (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Shothari Lauh: It use for haematinic and Indicated in dropsy,anaemia.

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Baidyanath,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Dimag Doshahari Tablets (50 tab)

Baidyanath Dimag Doshahari Tablets (50 tab)

Baidyanath Dimag Doshahari: Its a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine,manufactured by Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan. It is used in the treatment of insomnia and memory loss.

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digestion problems,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Kabja Har Granules (100gm)

Baidyanath Kabja Har Granules (100gm)

Baidyanath Kabja Har Granules: To relieve habitual & occasional constipation.It is indicated in chronic cases also assures smooth evacuation of bowel. Prevents fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

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Buy Baidyanath Agnikumar Ras Online

Baidyanath Agnikumar Ras (80 tab)

Baidyanath Agnikumar Ras:

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Shop Baidyanath Smriti Sagar Ras (80 Tab) Online

Baidyanath Smriti Sagar Ras (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Smriti Sagar Ras: Its used for the treatment of epilepsy and insanity. It helps to promote memory and to relive insomnia and anxiety.

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Buy Baidyanath Kankayan Bati

Baidyanath Kankayan Bati(Gulam) (40 tab)

Baidyanath Kankayan Bati: Carminative, gastric stimulant and laxative, effective remedy forbleeding & non bleedign piles.Relieves constipation & complications of piles.

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Lauh-Mandur,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Yakrit Plihari Loha (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Yakrit Plihari Loha (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Yakrit Plihari Loha: Yakrit Pilhari Loha is the excellent combination of the Appetiser, Digestive, Laxative & Hepato-Stimulant drugs. Yakrit Pilhari Loha is very useful to treat all types of liver spleen related disorders.

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Buy Baidyanath Vaikrant Bhasma

Baidyanath Vaikrant Bhasma (1 gm)

Baidyanath Vaikrant Bhasma: Used as a substitute of Heera Bhasma. Relieves complications associated with kapha indicated in tuberclosis, nocturnal emmisions & sannipat jwara. Improves memory.

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Buy Baidyanath Navayas Loha

Baidyanath Navayas Loha (40 tab)

Baidyanath Navayas Loha: Heamatinic alterative & tonic. Indicated in anaemia,phthisis,spleen disorders & general debility.Navayasa Churna  is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal powder form.

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Buy Baidyanath Madhumandoor Bhasma (5gm) Online

Baidyanath Madhumandoor Bhasma (5gm)

Baidyanath Madhumandoor Bhasma: Mandoor (Purified) Trifala-quath, Gomutra, Ghrit Kumari Ras & Panchamrita (i.e. Gokhuru, Giloe, Musali, Shatavari & Mundi) Churna as per text.

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RasRasayan,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Vyadhiharan Rasayana (2.5 gm)

Baidyanath Vyadhiharan Rasayana (2.5 gm)

Baidyanath Vyadhiharan Rasayana: Antiseptic,alterative,Indicated in syphilis & its complications.Also used for arthritis,urticaria and anal fistula.

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Lauh-Mandur,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Shothari Mandoor (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Shothari Mandoor (40 Tab)

Baidyanath Shothari Mandoor: Indicated in all kinds of dropsy,anaemia,cough,spleen & liver disorders.

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Buy Baidyanath Akik Pishti Online

Baidyanath Akik Pishti

Baidyanath Akik Pishti: In rakta-pitta & pyrexia, Cardiac tonic.Other uses Acts as a haemostatic, antacid.Effective in vata-pitta dosha.Especially indicated in enlargement of asleem.Strengthens brain & heart.Useful in bronchitis & asthama. Calcium

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RasRasayan,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Mahamrityunjaya Ras (20 tab)

Baidyanath Mahamrityunjaya Ras (20 tab)

Baidyanath Mahamrityunjaya Ras: It is used in the treatment  of chronic intermittent fevers.

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Buy Online Baidyanath Amalaki Rasayana

Baidyanath Amalaki Rasayana (120 gm)

Baidyanath Amalaki Rasayana: For hyperacidity, pepliculcer and vigour, digestive formula for vata. Amlaki Rasayan nourishes the tissues & gently removes toxins from the body.

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RasRasayan,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Rasmanikya Ras (10 gm)

Baidyanath Rasmanikya Ras (10 gm)

Baidyanath Rasmanikya Ras: Rasamanikya is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet or powder form.It is used in the treatment of fever,bronchitis,Asthma etc.

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Buy Baidyanath Swarnabhupati Ras

Baidyanath Swarnabhupati Ras (SY) (10 Tab)

Baidyanath Swarnabhupati Ras: Excellent remedy for diseases occurring due to aggravation of vat,pitta,kapha dosha. Indicated in vat diseases like Tetanus,Backache etc.Gives energy & strength to the impotant organs like stomach, liver,spleen.

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Bhasma,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Tankan Bhasma (15 gm)

Baidyanath Tankan Bhasma (15 gm)

Baidyanath Tankan Bhasma: Tankan Bhasma is a special Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Borax. 

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Buy Baidyanath Kasis Bhasma Online

Baidyanath Kasis Bhasma (10 gm)

Baidyanath Kasis Bhasma: Kasis Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine,prepared from Green Vitriol-Ferrous Sulphate.

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Buy Baidyanath Mahasudarshan Ghan Bati

Baidyanath Mahasudarshan Ghan Bati (40 tab)

Baidyanath Mahasudarshan Ghan Bati: Acts as a prophylactic remedy against various types of mild to moderate fever,low immunity,allergies,chronic respiratory infections.

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Bhasma,Baidyanath ,Baidyanath Muktashukti Bhasma (5 gm)

Baidyanath Muktashukti Bhasma (5 gm)

Baidyanath Muktashukti Bhasma: Indicated in chronic fever,cough,tuberculosis,leucorrhoea,hyperacidity,abdominal pain,Haemorrhages in general debility.

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Buy Baidyanath Nagarjunabhra Ras Online

Baidyanath Nagarjunabhra Ras (40 tab)

Baidyanath Nagarjunabhra Ras: Cardiac tonic.Indicated in cardiac pain,palpitation.Also used in vomiting, diarrhea, anaemia, jaundice, loss of appetite, malaria. etc.

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